Jamali Kamali

“Jamali Kamali explores the name that dare not speak its love.”   —Time Out Delhi


Jamali-Kamali: A Tale of Passion in Mughal India (Mapin Publishing) is a book-length homoerotic poem that tells the story of Jamali and Kamali, two men who lived in 16th century Delhi. According to the oral tradition, the men were lovers. Although they existed, the book is a fiction about love, sex, separation and death.

The Introduction by the Mughal scholar Milo Beach includes nine photographs of the Jamali-Kamali Mosque and Tomb in Delhi, where Jamali and Kamali are buried in white marble graves side by side in a small exquisite tomb.

New essay about Jamali Kamali in history




Again, an orange fog has come.
Where have you been, Kamali,
are you a whoremonger?

Why is your head
always in my books?
Storms are heading south
from the Himalayas.
Gather your belongings,
we will do some travelling.

Tonight we will study maps
by the light of my oil lamp,
to educate you
in more ways than one.

I ordered the kheer
drugged with love potions.
Have some.

On the map of your body, there is nowhere I would not travel.